Building Wealth for Your Future Starts with Us

At Finley Davis Financial Group, you get solid investment advice and innovative solutions for building wealth. We specialize in creating custom portfolios for our clients that utilize insurance, tax, and financial solutions that are for your goals, lifestyle needs, and dreams.

Just as no individual or business is the same, your investment portfolio should be unique and personalized to you. The following begins to showcase the breadth of our wealth management services.

Data Aggregationfor Building Wealth

We provide data aggregation for all your financial data and important documents. This means one source to organize, monitor, and review the essentials of your finances. 

Line of Credit for Major Purchases

We offer a $75,000 minimum securities-backed line of credit with fast cash and an interest-only revolving line of credit with competitive rates. Use these credit services with a simple, no-fee application.

Checking for Cash Flow& Earning Interest on Deposits

Our wealth management services include several account options for improving cash flow and earning interest. Take advantage of our $2500 account minimum with competitive interest and our FDIC insured investment account with overdraft protection. With these accounts, you get free checks and debit cards along with worldwide ATM access, free of charge.

Financing for Residential& Corporate Mortgages

At Finley Davis, we understand the value of competitive mortgages. We offer a $500,000 minimum loan amount and provide competitive LIBOR based pricing with point buy down options. In place of down payment requirements, you can finance 100% of your loan. 

Trust Services for a greaterBreadth of Investment Choices

Our wealth management services also include professional investment management for trust assets. This means a broader array of investment options for building wealth than traditional trust institutions.

Another crucial benefit of our trust services is shifting responsibility of your trust assets from a family member or friend to an experienced financial advisor.

Building Wealth Through Comprehensive Wealth Management

We understand that building wealth is a comprehensive endeavor. From data aggregation to financing corporate mortgages, we strive to personalize your portfolio and address each aspect of your finances. 

For more information on our wealth management services or to get started today, please contact our office