Policy Review Services for Individuals and Businesses

Ensure that essential policies are meeting your personal and business needs with our policy review service. As part of our wider financial planning services, we will identify gaps in your insurance coverages that help protect and grow your wealth. We want everything working together to support your financial well-being. 

Often, policies purchased several years ago fall out-of-date. We’re here to make sure the critical policies in your life are competitive, meet your current needs, and protect your business assets. We will work with your insurance agents and lawyers to ensure you are fully covered.


Are Your Insurance Policies Up to Date?

We know policies aren’t a one-size-fits-all-forever deal. However, we find that individuals often try to achieve the right planning by acquiring insurance protection. While there’s no inherent problem with this, changes happen over time that impact our lives. And these changes can affect adequate insurance coverage. We’re here to help monitor the effectiveness of your policies as your life changes.


Assessing Your Risk and Suggesting Helpful Tools

It is sometimes difficult to know whether we have financial risk and to what degree. Nevertheless, being aware of your personal areas of risk is a pillar of long-term financial success. During our policy review, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your areas of risk. Once we identify them, we offer helpful suggestions for tools and plans to protect you and your assets.

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Comprehensive Policy Review

We offer a complete policy review for personal policies to find gaps in coverage and identify where improvements are needed. From life insurance to long-term disability, we’ll shine a light on how to have your policies work together for you.