We Will Find You The Best Life Insurance

Think of us as your life insurance strategists. We’ll use all the tools at our disposal to find the best life insurance for your unique needs. It’s not sexy, but it is necessary and life insurance is one of the most essential parts of your overall portfolio. We are an independent firm and have no limitations as to which policies we can offer you.


How Does Life Insurance Work?

Life insurance can be a crucial investment tool to create a secure future for your family. It generally works by making premium payments to an insurer in exchange for a designated amount of money. When one passes away, or in some cases, is diagnosed with a terminal or critical illness, you can begin to receive payments. 

There are many types of life insurance policies and tax rules around life insurance are complex and can change. Your financial planner helps to navigate the policies that best suit your circumstance, and create and manage policies for both protection and investment purposes. We will help you decide on not only the best life insurance but the best way to use it to grow your wealth.

We’re Here For You Every Step Of The Way

We stay up-to-date on policy changes and will provide you with relevant information so you can make the best decisions for your future. We always have your best interests and goals in mind. As we become more familiar with your situation and your vision, we provide you with pinpointed information to help you reach your goals.

One Piece Of The Plan

Finding the best life insurance is a great service, but is only one part of your overall financial picture. Remember, we are here for you to develop a plan for your goals and dreams. At Finley Davis, your financial planner will help to optimize every aspect of your finances, while continually steering you toward your financial goals.

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TIP: Bring your current life insurance policy to your first Finley Davis meeting.