Your FinancialPlan

What do you want? What are you concerned about? Do you want to retire early and live comfortably through your retirement years? Do you want to pay for your grandchild’s college education? Do you want to buy a second home? Whatever YOUR goals are, we will help you articulate them, and we will work with you toward achieving them through a unique financial plan.

Many of our clients come to us with concerns about the legacy they will leave. Most will never outlive their money, but how to take care of it for generations to come is where we come in.


Keeping Track Of It All

Keeping track of each aspect of your finances can be overwhelming. It’s very hard to understand how each piece fits with the larger picture. You may be asking yourself: “Am I spending too much over here and investing too little there? How do I use all of these pieces to grow my wealth and meet my goals?” 

This is exactly why we exist. The financial plan we develop together will answer all these questions and serve you both today and for decades to come. Your financial planner will help to optimize every aspect of your finances, while continually steering you toward your financial goals.

At Finley Davis, we help you see the big picture while also navigating the details. We'll work with you to articulate the vision for your financial goals - goals to impact your life today, the lives of your children, and even your grandchildren. Dream as big as you want, we're here to help you make it happen.


Holistic & Strategic Financial Planning

A solid financial plan is more than the sum of its parts. When crafting your financial plan, we take into account tax strategies, long-term asset planning, investments, charitable giving, insurance, and many other facets of your financial life. We always keep in mind your financial health and consider how we can leverage your unique resources and assets to grow your wealth. We'll use all the tools at our disposal to help craft a plan that works for you and your goals.


Rewards Ahead

As you continue to move through life, we will help you make strategic financial decisions to meet your goals and when those goals change, we’ll be here to help you adjust. 

We love to celebrate and we share that tradition with everyone we work for. When you reach a goal, we’ll celebrate. We’ll set aside a bottle of red, a locally sourced spirit, or whatever you’d love to celebrate with on the day we reach your goal!