Asset Protection For Your Future

In business and especially in today’s economy, having valuable assets is not enough to guarantee a successful financial future. The complexities of laws, regulations, and unexpected litigations require proper planning to protect your accounts, property, and businesses. Debts, employees, and consumer-protection issues are just some of the risks any business must deal with. And there is nothing wrong with protecting what you’ve built against potential risk. In fact, asset protection is a key to long term success.


Assessing Your   Situation

Working with Finley Davis means you will have someone that is part of your team, working with you toward the best possible future for your business. We begin by assessing your current financial situation, vulnerabilities, and growth objectives. Asset protection involves a thorough knowledge of federal and state exemption laws, bankruptcy laws, and onshore and offshore regulations. Having an expert on your team that is knowledgeable and shrewd in these areas is key.

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Putting An Asset Protection Plan In Place

The goal of an asset protection plan is to reduce risk and insulate your business and personal assets from potential claims. Most small business owners end up learning the hard way how much harm they can endure when the right protections are not in place. They do not understand the options available to protect themselves until it is too late.

At Finley Davis, we create an asset protection plan that uses legal entities and strategies that will deter or prevent a seizure of assets if a future claim results in a judgment against your business or person. This practice is both encouraged and allowed.

Our financial advisors will work with you in a consultative manner. We provide the experience and expertise to craft an asset protection plan that will meet your unique needs and keep your valuable assets secure and legally protected for years to come.

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