Bill Hoffman: A Legend Retires

Bill Hoffman: A Legend Retires

Retirement in our industry is rare because after decades of building a business based on helping thousands of individuals and families grow their wealth, its not easy to walk away from those relationships. Nor is it easy to ease away from the lifelong friendships, mentorships and partnerships built over time with other industry leaders. So it is with a somewhat heavy heart that I wish the great Bill Hoffman a happy and
healthy retirement.

Bill Hoffman owned NW Retirement Services for several decades and I was unbelievably fortunate to have him as my mentor early in my career. He is truly a legend in this industry and though we wish him unlimited success in his community volunteer efforts going forward, we are a little sad that our friend ·and colleague wont be quite as accessible.

One of the best things among many I earned from Bill was his vast knowledge of the PERS retirement system and how best to help our public servants to utilize those accounts as they retire and form a distribution plan to maximize their income along with protecting their heirs .

Bill was also an expert in understanding and communicating with his clients in a way that allowed them to understand various industry jargon relating to investment contracts. This can be confusing to anyone, especially in volatile markets. This helped me become an expert from his mentorship in my own right. Bill had a huge passion for helping his clients and his friends. They were not just a client to Bill, it was about the relationships formed and the many interests they shared together. He also taught me not to judge people based on what they had on their balance sheet.

Bill Hoffman, thank you for the countless hours you spent mentoring me and helping me further understand this industry and to truly help people achieve their goals in life. It is because of you that I have developed a passion of my own for helping and caring for others.