Tax Strategies

For individuals and businesses, limiting the tax burden is an important task for many trying to reach their financial goals. At Finley Davis Financial Group, we take an ethical and lawful approach to creating successful tax strategies.  We provide a customized tax strategy that has tax efficient investment options to minimize the overall tax burden.  

Helping Business Owners and Individuals transition from their company successfully is what we do.  A big part of that is to make sure we transition in the most tax efficient way.  We help you put a plan in place so when the day comes and you are ready to step away everything is ready to go for a nice easy transition.  

At Finley Davis Financial Group we can help you create a tax strategy that works with your overall financial plan, investments and objectives.

If you are an individual interested in creating a Tax Strategy, please give us a call at 541-342-2224 to schedule an appointment.

For further information, please see Financial Planning Tools and Retirement Projection.

Finley Davis Financial Group Inc. does not provide tax advise.  You should consult your CPA/Tax advisor.