Retirement Projection

Retirement saving only using your company sponsored retirement plan is a great start. Do you know how much you should be saving to ensure your retirement goals and needs are met? 

At Finley Davis Financial Group, we listen. We get to know you and learn about what you are passionate about. We take a comprehensive look at your current financial situation, your annual income, how long you have contributed to a retirement fund, employer additions, number of years from retirement, and other factors to determine the percentage you need to save to meet your goals.

Let us help you figure out if your retirement income expectations are based on your current retirement funds and savings rate. We can help get you on the right track to enjoying retirement with financial freedom.

If you are an individual interested in Retirement Projection, please give us a call at 541-342-2224 to schedule an appointment.

For further information, please see Charitable Giving and Wealth Management.