Policy Review

It is an excellent idea to have your policies reviewed to ensure they are competitive, they meet your current needs - and not just your needs from the time they were purchased - and they are protective of all of your business assets.  

Many times as business owners and individuals, we try to achieve the right planning by acquiring insurance protection; as time goes by, many changes occur in our company causing rifts that affect adequate protection.  We provide a full analysis of your individual or company’s area of risk and give you suggestions and tools in order to protect yourself.  

We also complete policy reviews for individuals that can help get the most out of your compensation package, including: 401K, IRAs, life insurance, long-term care, disability and more.

If you own a business and/or have questions about your compensation package, as an individual, please give us a call at 541-342-2224 to schedule a policy & strategy review. 

For further information, please see Business Planning and Asset Protection.