Investment Analysis

We analyze your retirement account(s) to make sure your investments match your goals and time horizon. We often find that people make choices in their retirement accounts based on the name of the investment, not the actual investment; thus not truly understanding what they have in their portfolio. We make sure you have a diversified investment portfolio and coordinate your retirement accounts.





Helping You Decide When to Take Social Security

For many, Social Security is a large part of retirement income; and it is a decision that one has to live with throughout retirement. We help determine the best time to begin Social Security for your specific situation.




Family Income Protection

Income has become a major part of families’ financial success; without income, families would not be able to continue to have the same lifestyle which they have had prior. We help you to truly understand the options on how to protect your family in the event that we no longer have this income.



Elderly Care

Being in the medical field, many recognize that life changes quickly and we will all get to a point when we need additional help and care. For most of us, it is important to get to choose the level of care, as well as, where that care takes place when the need arises. We help you plan for that day by pointing out the best options to protect yourself and/or your family.


Retirement Projections 

It is very important to understand if you are on track for retiring; this varies depending on your specific goal of desired retirement. With that in mind, we do a retirement analysis that takes into consideration: taxes, inflation, anticipated growth of retirement/investment accounts, social security income, and any other assets such as real estate or inheritance. In the examples below, the graph on the left represents a client’s retirement projection before the help of Finley Davis Financial Group; where as the graph on the right is what their retirement plan looks like after guidance and modifications from our advisory firm. What does your retirement projection look like?

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All of the services mentioned above are complimentary financial planning tools that we offer exclusively to PeaceHealth Employees. There are no out of pocket fees/costs.