Living Benefits

Living benefits allows you to get the most from your Life Insurance policy while you are still living.  With living benefits, you can access a portion of your life insurance policy’s death benefit while you are still living. This type of policy can be dispersed in the event of a Chronic or Terminal Illness. The monetary benefit you receive can help offset costs of a mortgage, medical bills, food, or other expenses. In many cases, these benefits can be accepted tax-free.

A Living benefit policy can help offer peace of mind during a difficult and financially critical time. With the emotion and physical struggles of chronic or terminal illness, this coverage can reduce the stress of lost income, medical bills, and future financial stability for the family. 

Depending on the type of contract, the policy owner receives the payout up to a certain amount rather than the beneficiary. At Finley Davis Financial Group, we can setup a living benefit rider that protects you and your family during chronic or terminal illness.

If you are an individual interested in Living Benefits, please give us a call at 541-342-2224 to schedule an appointment.

For further information, please see Life Insurance and Income Replacement.