Asset Protection

A 2003 article in the Wall Street Journal claimed that 60% of millionaires have considered participating in Asset Protection Planning.* It is an important step in protecting businesses, homes, vehicles, property, and accounts when liabilities arise elsewhere that may lead to litigation. Proper planning with a professional advisor can help you decide how to protect your valuable assets legally and effectively. 

This type of protection planning requires a good knowledge of federal and state exemption laws, bankruptcy laws, and tax laws. Depending on the asset, knowledge of a variety of jurisdictions both on and offshore can be helpful. We utilize these legal principles and the laws of trusts, estates, corporations, and business entities to secure the best available asset protection. 

When working with you, we start by assessing the facts, circumstances, and objectives of our clients. We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a multitude of options available to you, designing a package that is most likely to accomplish all the protection objectives for your asset(s). We identify the legal documentation needed to carry out the plan, ensuring the various legal entities are consulted properly in accordance with relevant laws and overall goals of the individual. 

If you think you may want to protect your assets, now or in the future, please give us a call at 541-342-2224 to schedule an appointment.

For further information, please see Risk Management and Investments.